The biggest mistake of man that made him money

The biggest mistake of man that made him money
As time goes by, human beings change. Human beings have created everything but they have made a big mistake by making money. Man fights inside because of money How many relationships have been ruined because of money Man has become so busy in earning money that he has forgotten to live life Just thinks where to earn money
- Due to lack of money, human beings have also become slaves. Those who have money are rich and those who are not are poor
- Human society thinks that he is the most intelligent person in this world but this is wrong. Man is more insane than any other creature, he changes this world with his intellect
- Because of money, human beings live in stress, tension also increases. You have never seen another creature in tension or stress because it is all like today's life, and human beings think of tomorrow.
Other beings are better than human beings. If they don't want to enslave someone, human beings enslave human beings.

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