Every human being in this world has a question in their mind that who am I so let's try to answer these questions

- In this world inhabited by millions of creatures, human beings are also called the most intelligent creatures of this earth. As time goes by, the intelligence of this human being grows and with its problems, human beings also find the answer to the thing Man sometimes goes crazy in trying to find what he can't find. Man can really understand himself but can't find what he wants to do day by day.

For me, who I am is what we are in the present, we are being born again in 1 second, we are as we are

Who i am ? | Vimal says

by on July 20, 2020
Every human being in this world has a question in their mind that who am I so let's try to answer these questions - In this world inh...
The biggest mistake of man that made him money
As time goes by, human beings change. Human beings have created everything but they have made a big mistake by making money. Man fights inside because of money How many relationships have been ruined because of money Man has become so busy in earning money that he has forgotten to live life Just thinks where to earn money
- Due to lack of money, human beings have also become slaves. Those who have money are rich and those who are not are poor
- Human society thinks that he is the most intelligent person in this world but this is wrong. Man is more insane than any other creature, he changes this world with his intellect
- Because of money, human beings live in stress, tension also increases. You have never seen another creature in tension or stress because it is all like today's life, and human beings think of tomorrow.
Other beings are better than human beings. If they don't want to enslave someone, human beings enslave human beings.
What did the world gain from Corona?

To be honest, Corona showed the real life to the man, otherwise the man didn't know what Corona was doing before, he was just dreaming and making money to make money, in fact the man was growing up for so many years, he didn't realize anything, What he is doing is bringing new technology every day. I don't know where man wants to go.

Man considers himself an intelligent society but he is not

What man wants to know is that he brings new technology to this world. He does new research but man does not know that no matter how much research he does with his thoughts, no one knows how true it is. The intelligent understands but it is not, the life of a human being has become very sad, the life of today is such that money is needed to live life happily, to earn money, human beings are so busy that they do not know God has made millions of creatures in the world, the best of which is the life of a human being, but man has used his intellect far and made the simple life very difficult, a lot of things in the world are damaged and will be caused by human beings. Because human beings understand that this world belongs to them alone, it harms millions of living beings, living beings are fine, but they also harm nature, they break mountains, pollute river water, pollute the atmosphere. Nature gave a virus like corona to bring human beings to consciousness, so that human beings come to consciousness, money is not life,

If a human being is intelligent and lives a good life with his intellect, what is there to do in life?

I can't do it with my intellect, but I have used my intellect a little too much. The life of a human being has become so bad that don't ask. Man has made running his life a thing called money, with which the life of a human being is more glorious and The life of those who do not have money is useless. It is not you but money that decides how to live. Man has made life very sad for what he has to eat twice

What did the world gain from Corona?

-The atmosphere was purified from the corona

-Pollution fell

-Human got clean air

-Sound pollution decreased

-Humans started living with themselves

-Find out what life is

Secondly, everything has benefited human beings

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